Mitake 三多気 sakura viewing spot

FB_IMG_1524030983753Mitake is one of Kansai area famous sakura viewing spots, it’s  ranked one of six best spots here:

Although it’s in a country place, used practically for agriculture, there were many people, just walking or equipped with big cameras. Along the rice fields’ edge, filling water with petals and sometimes reflecting there, are growing old sakura trees. Some of them have holes or split trunks, but they are still blossoming…




There is a shrine on the top of a little hill with three big trees. They are said to be very old and preceded the shrine, which was built for worshipping them.


Two trees are growing right next to one another, forming the entrance to the shrine.

This looked so impressive, and reminded of a fairy tale, or enchanted forest.


Also the snake figure near the hand washing vessel looked alive and too real, giving even more mystical feeling to this place. Water under the snake figure’s mysterious look was filled with flower petals…

I climbed up the hill to the shrine, and it was the kind of nothingness and desertedness as could expect, although less scary as I somehow started imagining.