A Story about the Flower

I want to share here a story about my flower. I am keeping it for more than a month by now. It inspired me to paint a portrait of it and a short inscription in Chinese characters, which says: “Mary started to keep a flower at her home. In two weeks’ time it had more and more blossoms. Mary was so happy about it. But her thoughts weren’t peaceful. – “My dear flower… How long can you keep me company?” – Flower’s life is short. “Can’t do anything, stay as long as you wish.””

A big Fortune Bringing Cat


Ise town has a lot of cat figurines, and shops selling cat dolls, amulets, and of course, maneki-neko or fortune bringing cats.

I had a chance to take a photo with this impressive Cat above. Hope will have luck as big as this Cat. 🙂

Some more cat was also on a roof ornament:


Such a peaceful sleeping cat.

On the last photo no cats, just a street photo in Ise town.