A Story about the Flower

I want to share here a story about my flower. I am keeping it for more than a month by now. It inspired me to paint a portrait of it and a short inscription in Chinese characters, which says: “Mary started to keep a flower at her home. In two weeks’ time it had more and more blossoms. Mary was so happy about it. But her thoughts weren’t peaceful. – “My dear flower… How long can you keep me company?” – Flower’s life is short. “Can’t do anything, stay as long as you wish.””

A big Fortune Bringing Cat


Ise town has a lot of cat figurines, and shops selling cat dolls, amulets, and of course, maneki-neko or fortune bringing cats.

I had a chance to take a photo with this impressive Cat above. Hope will have luck as big as this Cat. 🙂

Some more cat was also on a roof ornament:


Such a peaceful sleeping cat.

On the last photo no cats, just a street photo in Ise town.


White kimono and the rain

When trees started getting green, I have seen some women wearing white or light kimonos in Kyoto. One was in  Sho-ren-in 青蓮院 garden the day before. Looked really beautiful combined with the bright green of early spring right after sakura time. With its white and pink, which now is gone, we started missing it already. So, I also decided to wear a white kimono with slight blue thin ornament, and brilliant bright light blue lower part.


First I didn’t wear it correctly though… as usually. But with passion for kimono fashion I could anyway wear it outside even if I never know if people look at me because it’s good or maybe (most likely) worn poorly. However, right at the station entrance, two photographers asked me to take photos, and said that liked my kimono style. That inspired me very much, although the feeling that something was wrong didn’t leave me, I still got courage to continue wearing it to Ginkaku temple and while walking near the Philosopher’s channel. When started raining, we had accidentally come across a kimono shop. Just our looking into the open door unexpectedly provoked the ladies inside to complements and inviting us, for seeing the kimono better. After seeing from every side, they felt so much touched and at the same time sorry for my efforts, when miswearing such a beautiful kimono, that decided to correct it!

Now here was the result: completely different feeling!




After the little break in the shop, we proceeded to the bamboo grove. The rain was getting stronger, and when we arrived there, the famous sightseeing spot, bamboo grove was completely dark place with heavy raining, and reminded a usual dark forest with no lighting… it was even a bit scary, so we turned back very fast, after just a few minutes, and headed to the train station. One more reason is that we wanted to get one more umbrella (the one we bought near Ginkaku temple was too small, and hardly was enough even for only me with my gorgeous kimono, when the rain got heavier). However, also the konbini umbrellas were expensive in this area, and we just went to drink a tea and take some pictures at the station, famous for exquisite modern design.


Evening with the rain, transparent umbrella and colorful paper design lanterns… it was special time, and turned out to look good with the white kimono, even getting wet there was worth it.

青蓮院 Sho-ren-in temple garden

Sho-ren-in temple in Kyoto


Is a famous garden spot. It is said to be designed by Soami during the Muromachi period. There is a water pond, island and stone lanterns, one of them was given to the temple by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I am not sure which one, there are several, and two of them were most old looking.



Climbing a little hill and looking down at the park and temple is also exciting thing to do. There opens a view to bamboo forest, with some bamboos cut for probably temple needs or garden design. There’s also a little shrine on the top.


Looking down to the temple can be seen main pavilion with people there, sitting and admiring garden. While looking from there at the temple, there was a lady in white kimono standing right near the edge of the building, looking at the garden, looking very romantic.


While walking around the garden, I noticed that I am walking the wrong direction again. As usually. But I pretended that just stopped to take photos if someone came forward, and I hope no one noticed.


In the back garden of the temple was a big sakura tree, still in bloom, covered with pink flowers all over bent down branches.


Also beautiful paintings with cranes, pines, sakura and red sun in one of the rooms.

I would love to stay there even longer and to paint some 山水画!


P.S. I was lucky to take photo also of this beautiful fish.


Mitake 三多気 sakura viewing spot

FB_IMG_1524030983753Mitake is one of Kansai area famous sakura viewing spots, it’s  ranked one of six best spots here:


Although it’s in a country place, used practically for agriculture, there were many people, just walking or equipped with big cameras. Along the rice fields’ edge, filling water with petals and sometimes reflecting there, are growing old sakura trees. Some of them have holes or split trunks, but they are still blossoming…




There is a shrine on the top of a little hill with three big trees. They are said to be very old and preceded the shrine, which was built for worshipping them.


Two trees are growing right next to one another, forming the entrance to the shrine.

This looked so impressive, and reminded of a fairy tale, or enchanted forest.


Also the snake figure near the hand washing vessel looked alive and too real, giving even more mystical feeling to this place. Water under the snake figure’s mysterious look was filled with flower petals…

I climbed up the hill to the shrine, and it was the kind of nothingness and desertedness as could expect, although less scary as I somehow started imagining.