Tang poetry translations book illustrations

In last one and half year I have done more than hundred paintings for illustrating Tang poems translations to Latvian. The book was published last week. Here are some of the paintings:

At the book opening ceremony I was so happy I had to dance: https://youtu.be/9Jpm_2zlERU

Chinese textbook illustrations

A selection of some paintings made for a Chinese language textbook “Kiinaa Kivasti”-《开心学中文》. The book is edited and made by Rita Wen-chin Jäske, who is teaching Chinese language at school in Helsinki. It is special book, because appears to be the first local Chinese language teaching book for primary school students in Finland, based on author’s experience in teaching Chinese to local kids.

For me illustration work was lasting for a few months, starting from last October. Happy that the book is now ready!

A photo together: me(left) and Rita (right), representing Chinese culture at the Helsinki ASEAN culture days 2019
Our new books covers
And the workbook covers

And a look inside:

Spring festival 春节 is soon!

It is my great pleasure to participate in Chinese New year celebration in Helsinki next week! 



Welcome to see some of my paintings there on January 24 from 16:00 to 20:00. My place nr is 12.

If the weather will be not very freezing I will perform some ink paintings on the spot, too.

There will be some of ceramic figurines of Chinese theme, like beautiful flute playing girls and dragons, and even small cups and pendants.