Chinese textbook illustrations

A selection of some paintings made for a Chinese language textbook “Kiinaa Kivasti”-《开心学中文》. The book is edited and made by Rita Wen-chin Jäske, who is teaching Chinese language at school in Helsinki. It is special book, because appears to be the first local Chinese language teaching book for primary school students in Finland, based on author’s experience in teaching Chinese to local kids.

For me illustration work was lasting for a few months, starting from last October. Happy that the book is now ready!

A photo together: me(left) and Rita (right), representing Chinese culture at the Helsinki ASEAN culture days 2019
Our new books covers
And the workbook covers

And a look inside:

Author: marysorientarto

Hello! thank you for visiting! I am Marija and this blog is dedicated to my fascination with Oriental culture and arts. It mostly consists of my paintings and ceramic images, dance and travel experience. Some of them are created while living in China for two years and learning Chinese language, traditional painting and calligraphy. I am also creating dance inspired by Chinese and Japanese music. I have stayed and traveled some time in Japan, too. However, some paintings may represent also Northern and Eastern Europe culture and influences, where I come from. Contact information: Email: Facebook: Marija Jurso or Sniega zieds (art page) Instagram: Sniega Zieds Youtube: Happy Dance through the Snow 微博 Weibo: 玛丽_东北欧

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