Artist, book illustrator and Chinese language and culture expert

Graduated from the University of Helsinki, East Asian Studies Master’s program. Bachelor degree from University of Latvia, in Asian Studies and Philosophy programs. Was studying Chinese traditional painting and other art related courses as Chinese Aesthetics, Chinese Art History in China in South China Normal University (2014-2015) and Peking University (2016-2017).

Currently working mostly in traditional Chinese ink painting, watercolour, and other techniques as oil and ceramics.

Books illustrated include Chinese teaching materials “Gen Wo Lai” (2022) and “Kiinaa Kivasti” (2020) as well as Tang poetry translations book to Latvian language “Tan laikmeta dzejas izlase” (2022).
Authored and illustrated books include “A Year in Xiao Bai the Cat’s Life” and coloring book “24 Seasons in Xiao Bai the Cat’s Year” (2022) both available on Amazon.

Other books illustrated can be found here:

“Tan laikmeta dzejas izlase” https://eglobuss.lv/tan-laikmeta-dzejas-izlase

”Gen wo lai”- “跟 我 来” – Chinese teaching materials: Avointen oppimateriaalien kirjasto – https://aoe.fi/#/materiaali/2227

Translator: languages Chinese, Latvian, Finnish, Russian, English

(also some Polish, Spanish and Japanese, but not enough to work with these languages.)

I also practice Chinese style dance, which is mostly choreographed by myself, and singing, which can be seen on Youtube: 

Happy Dance through the Snow (dance channel)

Maria Jurso (singing and other)  

Contact information:

Email: marijajurso@gmail.com
Facebook: Marija Jurso

微博 Weibo: 玛丽_东北欧

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